Kate is an incredible Self Love Coach and Reiki Master. Super grateful I had the honor of working with Kate Emma for 6 months of Transformational Coaching with a focus on Soul Integration and Embodiment!

We did a VIP day in New York City, a total Day and Night transformation, which was so incredible because our work together has already been a massive soul transformation. Kate has a heart the size of the Earth and beyond. Through the soul integration and embodiment work we have done over the past 6 months has allowed her personal life and business to BLOSSOM & FLOURISH. Her work is literately changing the world and I'm so grateful to connect with soul mate clients! Step into your Souls Embodiment, the world is waiting for you too and needs the gifts that are on your heart!

Ashley’s auric field is infused with light energy and is so open, clear, and spacious. I know someone is walking their walk when I can feel it in the auric level because there’s such a huge difference on the energetic levels of the person, I can feel it in your embodiment. I know when I’m connecting with a light worker and I can feel it on those deep levels, when I’m talking with them it’s just like yes, she’s doing it and living it. It’s such a huge download to be in a light worker’s space and energy. Thats what I really found is just being in a light worker’s environment for someone who has a block, that is the shift.
— Ashen Wolf- Extrasensory Seer, Shaman, Heart Space Coach

“Ashley’s confident communication and connection with my soul voice and messages helped build my confidence that I do hear her. Ashley gave me the tools and direction I needed to dive into my real work; connecting with Her. Ashley said a few things that I don’t talk to many people about. I needed to hear these things from her, because the messages were from my space of deepest knowing”.- Natalie Pfund, Holistic Nutrition & Life Coach

I feel truly blessed and grateful, to have started this BEAUTIFUL, spiritual journey, with Ashley as a guide- the out most important journey, the journey to discover your soul and all that she is <3 I took a leap of faith, trusted my gut, and booked with Ashely at one of my darkest times. From the very first session, I felt a part of me waking up and was buzzing with excitement and joy! Ever since then I simply cannot stop this train of self discovery! Ashley’s presence is so comforting- you can just sense all the love that she carries!! She goes above and beyond during her healing sessions, and from the bottom of my heart I am SO grateful to have connected with her. She is a beautiful being!
— Courtney H. - Behavioral Therapist

"Ashley is a beautiful intuitive priestess with so much magic to offer the world. Her softness and immense love for others is so clear." Jessi Mendez, Founder of Wild Essence Yoga

Working with Ashley has helped me open my heart to the universe and experience tapping into my soul. Her gifts and practice are magical, as she is
— Danica Leigh

Last night's kakao ceremony lead by Ashley was incredible. It was my first kakao ceremony. It felt authentic and traditional to the Peruvian ceremony which I've been learning so much about. There were blessings, breathwork, restorative yoga relaxation, reiki energy healing, and chanting. I had never had such a powerful breathwork experience and to know Ashley was near with her calming and intuitive energy, felt extremely comforting. Recommend greatly!! Thank you goddess ♡ - Gabrielle Viddivo, Yoga Teacher

Coaching with Ashley for the past 4 months I feel free. Hopeful. Empowered. Un-blindfolded. I don’t think I’ve ever been so raw with myself. What I was really searching for the whole time was the ability to be myself, to have faith and love myself. I didn’t know whats what I was looking for, but thats it!
— Amanda Renee, Personal Trainer

There's no technique or modality that can even compare to that. Being heard. The session helped me find my courage again and passion to return to my studies. That's what our session gave me.. I've been more authentic, definitely confident (changed the garbage story I've been telling myself, identified the trauma I've been living from.. Ashley you were a powerful catalyst in helping me find the courage to step back on the path, when for so long I've been covering my souls vision with my ego's hands. I've been seriously doing the work and have been facing my demons.. now me and my demons are homies and I realize that though they served a purpose, we don't need to kick it anymore and I'm stepping into MY greatness as MYSELF. Being heard, feeling loved, being acknowledged as a divine human being ... those gifts I am grateful for. -Alex, Founder of AOA Lifestyle Design and Traditional Tantric Yoga Teacher.


"I have been working with Ashley for close to 2 months now and I can say each week gets better and better. We've done some deep work and cleared out old patterns like never before. I'm forever grateful for her, our work together has helped me blossom in my relationships, business and pretty much every way I interact with the world." -Jhinna Salinas, Embodiment Coach.


"I hired Ashley for soul alignment coaching! She is the best! For the first time I feel like i'm literately a spiritual being experiencing the human experience with love on Earth! How I see things have suddenly changed. I wouldn't be this light and free without your help!" - Mim Na Chiangmai, Founder of Hive Vibe Wellness